Why Fish-Free Omega-3’s Are The Answer To Your Health And Well Being

May 18 , 2022


Valentina Chiriacescu

Why Fish-Free Omega-3’s Are The Answer To Your Health And Well Being

Learn about fish-free omega-3’s and why Fish-Free supplements could be the answer that you have been looking for.

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In this article:

  1. Why Fish-Free Omega-3’d Are The Answer To Your Health And Well Being
  2. Are vegan omega-3’s as good as fish oil?
  3. Introducing Kolla Sea Moss – A Fish-Free omega-3 supplement
  4. I’m intrigued. Where can I get my own sea moss?

1. Why Fish-Free Omega-3’s Are The Answer To Your Health And Well Being

There is no doubt that fish oil is good for you: it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for our health. These fatty acids are good for nourishing the brain and heart and are also important for the maintenance of good vision.

However, people with a family history of heart disease should avoid eating fish, because of the risk of high levels of toxic chemicals found some fish, like mercury. Taking high doses of fish oil supplements might increase the risk of bleeding and possibly increase the risk of stroke.

Dioxins and PCB in fish are some of the most harmful substances imaginable, and are known to cause cancer, birth defects and liver damage.

In a few words, here are why you should use Fish-Free supplements instead of taking fish based oils for omega-3’s:

  • It is vegan
  • It is non-toxic unlike fish oils. Reduce the intake of mercury
  • It is ultra-sustainable on a large scale, and reduces the need for commercial fishing that hurts our oceans
fish free omega 3

    2. Are Vegan Omega-3’s as good as fish oil?

    Vegan omega-3’s are just as good as fish oil, and even better in many ways. After all, fish obtain their omega-3’s by eating algae in the ocean, and vegan omega-3 supplements are made from algae itself. In this sense, vegan omega-3 supplements are cutting out the middle-man, or the middle-fish!

    fish free omega 3

    3. Introducing Kolla Sea Moss – A Fish-Free Omega-3 Supplement

    Kolla Sea Moss is an omega-3 rich, marine algae supplement that supports your body to fight harmful free radicals, boosts your immune system, and strengthens the body’s natural defenses. Kolla Sea Moss also helps to support the body's ability to maintain healthy, elastic tissue. That elasticity is important for keeping skin supple and preventing injuries and can help keep the body from breaking down and aging.

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    Sea moss health benefits:

    • Improve digestion
    • Support immune system. Sea moss is a great source of minerals and vitamins and a vegan source of omega-3 fatty acids
    • Reduce risk of cancer with Fucoxanthin and other carotenoids found in Irish moss act as antioxidants, which are known to help fight free radicals. Uncontrolled free radicals can damage cells, causing them to grow in dangerous ways — damaged cells can become cancerous. By eating seaweed like Irish moss, you may be able to reduce your risk of developing certain cancers.

       4. I’m intrigued. Where can I get my own sea moss?

      You can buy sea moss in a capsule form on our official website at www.kollaglobal.com. Or you can shop for more options on Amazon.

      As with buying any supplement, you'll also want to check to make sure that it's sourced well, doesn’t contain any shady preservatives, and that your doctor or health practitioner is okay with you taking it.

      fish free omega 3

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       5. Conclusion

      It's time for you to give Kolla Sea Moss a try! If you need to lose weight, reduce your cholesterol, strengthen your immune system, or cleanse your body of toxins, Kolla Sea Moss is the ideal supplement. The marine algae helps restore the omega-3 fatty acids you need, while the red algae helps to strengthen your immune system, and the spirulina helps to boost your energy. Kolla Sea Moss is also available on Amazon.com.


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