About Us

Kolla Global is a brand of WestLake Exim Trading LLC based in Waltham, Massachusetts. We are a group of young entrepreneurs who want to raise awareness around how climate change is negatively impacting both our planet and our diets, by providing consumers sustainable and environmentally friendly supplement alternatives. Kolla (Kólla) in Greek means glue, and we would like to bring everyone together to oppose climate change with sustainable products.

“We are as good as what we put inside our bodies.” Nature has provided us with just that. All the vitamins and minerals we need can be sustainably produced with less focus on animal products and more sustainable fruit and vegetable products. Instead of harvesting fish for Omega vitamins, for example, we can get our Omega vitamins from the same place the fish do.  Sea Vegetables!

Our sea moss capsules are made with the best organic ingredients. Certified organic by UDAF, Kolla Global Sea Moss is made with the finest quality ingredients, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Founder's Story


Hi everyone, my name is Ivy Nguyen - Founder of Kolla Global.

I was born and raised in the rural countryside of Vietnam. Throughout my childhood, I have followed my family to the rice and corn fields to help with the farm work. Perhaps I wasn’t the best helper on the farm, as I often found myself chasing grasshoppers in the fields with the other children in my village. 

We ate what we grew back then. Everyone worked the fields and crops. We had everything we needed from the land; rice, corn, potatoes, yams, and exotic herbs. We did not use commercial fertilizers. The only fertilizers we used were rice straw ashes, waste from producing rice, and dried cow dung from our own animals. Everything was organic and all of our food was picked fresh from the garden.

Heaven was right under my nose, and I didn't even know it.

I was fortunate enough to pursue my master’s degree in America on scholarship. I found it difficult to eat healthy in the USA because genuinely fresh food was harder to find and much more expensive to acquire. Early on in my stay, I really didn’t feel well, and even started to lose some hair.  After some research and experimentation, I realized that the quality of the foods in my diet were affecting my health.  I realized I needed to find better quality foods, which sparked my passion for sustainable healthy foods.

Although I cannot share with you the freshness of the fruits and vegetables from my childhood, I have worked with my partner manufacturer to produce a simple but effective organic vitamin - Irish Sea Moss. No fertilizer. No water. No Land. No Feed. I hope Kolla can help everyone who is committed to a healthy lifestyle diet focus more on living their own lives with one less thing to worry about.