Food production today creates 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions. More than 30% of it is caused by conversion of wildland to farmland. Over 60% of farmland is used for livestock and their feed. Kolla Global wants to help protect our planet and reverse climate change by providing consumers sustainable and environmentally friendly food and supplement alternatives.

By using Kolla Global's product, you will be helping to support climate-friendly foods and diets in your community. Kolla Sea Moss and other sea vegetables are sustainable foods, that are harvested without consuming clean water, and soil, and without using any fertilizers, and pesticides.


Once upon a time when our lives depended on nature. We lived a sustainable life. But it was a hard life. We then learn to harness the power of nature and began thriving as the dominant species of the planet. The planet has given so much to us, now it is time to give back and help preserve the future of our natural habitats.

We at Kolla Global know that we owe everything to our planet and are committed to preserving it through sustainable products and practices. We are tackling our impact from packaging, aiming for 100% biodegrade materials (paper, cardboard packing, zero plastic) in our products by 2025.  As for sourcing, we plan to shift our focus more heavily to local supply where we can work with sustainable local providers and support our community by 2027.